I teach a website design class, where students learn to code HTML5 and CSS3 in Notepad (basic text document) before learning how to navigate Dreamweaver.

Below is a list of resources for students as they complete their website. To see the code, right-click on the webpage and "view source" or "view page source" to see the HTML file. To see the CSS file, click the linked CSS file in the head section, or type the file name in your browser URL space (e.g., Have fun! Contact me if you have any questions.

Photo slideshows

Photo Galleries

Dropdown Menu Navigation

Dropdown menu navigation is very helpful when there are multiple pages that fall under an umbrella category. Check out the example here, and also see my code for this webpage to see how to do three-tier dropdown menus.

CSS3 Transform Example

CSS3 and HTML5 allow us to create dynamic content and movement. Check out the example here.