Below are syllabi and course schedules for all of the courses that I've taught at the University of Wyoming. You may download and save them for your personal use and for educational purposes.

  • Multimedia production: WordPress blogging; online journalism; digital photography, audio, and video; social media for journalism and strategic communication
  • Website design: Introductory course to HTML5, CSS3, and Dreamweaver; students build a portfolio website with their coding skills
  • Political communication: Upper-level course focused on discussion of politics and media (news and entertainment), politics and interpersonal networks, political campaigns, and other current issues
  • Quantitative research methods: Graduate course on quantitative communication research methods, including experimental design, surveys, and content analysis
  • Media Literacy in the 21st Century: First-year seminar course on increasing students' media literacy and improving college success skills
  • Reporting, newswriting, and editing: Basic introductory course to journalism, public relations writing, and advertising copy
  • Magazine and feature writing: Upper-level course focused on various kinds of magazine writing styles, conducting in-depth research and interviews, writing longer feature stories, and writing query letters
  • Introduction to mass media: Large introductory course on the history, context, and controversies in mass media
  • Alternative media: Graduate course on prominent theory and research on alternative mass media and the individual

During graduate school at The Ohio State University, I taught independent sections of persuasive communication, quantitative research methods, newswriting and reporting, and visual communication.