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Media, Science, and Society: Course Details

Course Description: This course discusses why scientific, health, and environmental issues are covered in particular ways in media. We will also examine how these messages impact people’s attitudes, opinion, knowledge, and emotions about science, health, and the environment. Questions To Consider How do issues of power, culture, gender, and race influence science and media coverage?Continue reading “Media, Science, and Society: Course Details”

Teaching Philosophy

I have independently taught courses at the college level for 14 years. I have taught at each course level (1000 through 5000). I have taught in a diverse set of classroom environments: large introductory lecture-style course, freshman seminar, technology-focused classes in computer labs, basic and advanced writing courses, upper-division theory courses, graduate seminars, graduate quantitativeContinue reading “Teaching Philosophy”

Political Communication: Course Details

Course Description: We examine the intersection of politics and communication. For example, we cover politics and media, interpersonal political discussion, organizational and governmental political communication, political campaigns, politics and technology, etc. Moreover, we cover the effects of political communication on individuals’ opinions and behavior.  COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES Understand, observe, and evaluate political communication at variousContinue reading “Political Communication: Course Details”

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